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Rika Swanzen, PhD
Associate Professor, Section Head: Child and Youth Development, Monash South Africa
Jaspreet Bal, PhD CYCP
Professor, Child and Youth Care, Humber College, Ontario, Canada
Aurrora De Monte, MSc
CYC Faculty, Child and Youth Care Program, Fleming College, Ontario, Canada
Senior Editor
Thom Garfat, PhD
Transformaction, Quebec, Canada


Leon Fulcher
Transformaction, New Zealand

Karen VanderVen
Professor Emerita, Department of Psychology in Education, University of Pittsburgh

Adrian Ward
Author and Editor; Norwich, United Kingdom

Heather Modlin
Key Assets, St John's, Newfoundland

Carol Stuart
Health and Human Services, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, British Columbia

Sibylle Artz
School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, British Columbia

Ernie Hilton
Homebridge Youth Society, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Penny Parry
Private Practitioner and Consultant, Vancouver, British Columbia

Jack Phelan
Co-Chair, Child and Youth Care Program, Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta

Jennifer White
School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, British Columbia

James Freeman
Director of Training, Casa Pacifica, California, USA


Garth Goodwin
Child and Youth Care Practitioner, Manitoba
Sheva Leon
Humber College, Ontario


All correspondence should be addressed to:

The Editor, Relational Child & Youth Care Practice

Permission to Reproduce Material and interlibrary loans

Relational Child & Youth Care Practice is published four times annually. All rights reserved. No portion of the contents may be reproduced without permission of the publishers. Interlibrary loans are not automatically granted. Requests should be sent to


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Relational Child & Youth Care Practice welcomes the submission of manuscripts on all aspects of relating to children and young people. While particular attention will be given to material that explores the interpersonal dynamics of professional practice, consideration will also be given to all submissions that assume a relational perspective. This might include topics such as cultural values, ethics, social policy, program design, supervision, education, training etc. Each issue may include: refereed articles that comply with acceptable ‘academic’ standards; submissions contributed by regular and guest columnists; short pieces that describe particular relational experiences and reflections; poetry; artwork and photographs.

Material should be submitted by email to in standard word processing format (eg. .doc, .rtf.). Formal articles should not exceed 5000 words in length (including references) and should include an abstract of no more than 150 words and key words. This material and referencing should conform to either APA or Harvard format (go here for guidelines). Author-date citations should be used within the text and a double-spaced reference section should accompany each article. In all submissions, authorship details, including brief biographies (no more than 100 words) and digital photographs, should be included.

Although no article or submission will be rejected purely for stylistic reasons, the editors reserve the right to return any manuscript for additional work. Authors requiring editorial assistance in this regard should indicate their request in a covering letter.

Originality of material is the responsibility of the primary author. Previously published material must be identified as such and will be published only where the necessary permission has been granted from the original source.

Individual article copyright is jointly held by RCYCP and the article author, allowing both the right to open-access publication.

Peer Review is available on request.